Integrity Pro Mac 破解版 网站死链清理优化检测器

Integrity Pro for Mac是一款Mac上的网站链接检测软件,Integrity Plus for Mac能通过您所输入的网址找到已经损坏的链接,并且在完成之后还能以xml、dot和csv格式来生成站点地图。这款软件非常的适合用来维护网站,如果您有自己的网站,那这简直是必备神器。

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Integrity Pro Mac 9.0.6 破解版 介绍

Integrity Pro for Mac是一款网站死链检查清理工具。建立在Integrity Plus之上。它具有新的v8抓取引擎,它检查链接并生成带有Plus版本的所有搜索,过滤和导出功能的站点地图。它增加了SEO细节和全网拼写检查。它不是要取代Scrutiny,而是要在Integrity Plus和Scrutiny之间推出,这是Integrity Plus用户更实惠的一步。当然,这将会是Integrity Plus的升级,但是这个早期的公开测试版是免费的,直到稳定版发布。

What's New in Integrity

Version 9.0.5:

  • Fixes links incorrectly reported broken (link is reported with extra text or another url tacked onto the end) when the href isn't terminated by quotes or a space but the end angle bracket.
  • Adds 're-check parent page of url' to context menu in 'links by status' view.
  • Some fixes to the rechecking functionality when called from the By Status view.

Version 8.1.9:

  • 10.14 Mojave dark-mode-ready
  • Fixes 'next bad link' button in link inspector.
  • Fixes a bug which would have caused Integrity to stall at the first url (reporting that as a 200 but going no further) under an unlikely set of circumstances

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