GraphicConverter Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的图片编辑浏览工具


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GraphicConverter Mac 破解版 介绍

GraphicConverter 10是浏览的通用工具,增强和图像转换。简单地将一个文件夹上graphicconverter 10查看你的照片。


专业的用户喜欢GraphicConverter 10因为它的功能广泛用于处理元数据如EXIF,IPTC,XMP和GPS。要复制的文件名为IPTC描述吗?GraphicConverter 10会为你照顾这。


GraphicConverter 10有所有你期望从一个通用的Mac图像处理中的应用。简单的使用和深远的选择等着你的稳定性和可靠性。










What’s New in GraphicConverter

Version 10.7.1:

New features:
  • Batch action: copy original
  • Batch action: set variable (can be used with if action)
  • Shortcut control+option+command+space during playing a movie will store the frames on the desktop
  • PFM export
  • Convert & Modify Convert PICT to JPEG (avoid recompression) to extract native embedded JPEGs (if available)
Updated features:
  • Grid: option to display grid rectangle index in the position palette
  • HEIC batch export: enabled multicore processing if the HEIC animation option is disabled
  • Preferences open/metadata: option for copy of legacy data into iptc/xmp
  • Localizations
  • Batch action: if added name contains condition
  • Rating display and change for HEIC files in the browser
  • Display of internal movie creation date and pixel size below thumbnail in browser (if activated)
  • Removed old custom scrollers
  • Improved CR3 support on 10.14.4 or later
  • Improved PFM import
  • ExifTool, dynapdf
  • Detection of color profiles which are only references in the XMP metadata
  • Lossless editing of HEIC metadata with the help of ExifTool
  • Replaced OpenCL code
Bug fixes:
  • Possible crash during editing faces database
  • Possible crash during opening pdfs due bug in external pdf library
  • Fixed rename bug by file date
  • Fixed possible refresh issue with rating display in browser preview
  • Fixed a possible color palette calculation issue during the GIF saving with the option GIF87a/GIF89a
  • Fixed possible crash after adjust of HDR grayscale images

Version 10.6.9:

New features:
  • Batch action: center brightness correction
Updated features:
  • Concatenate dialog supports flip for two page concatenate
  • Browser context menu: select live images
  • Eps import: support for cmyk eps import
  • Browser prefs: option to display files w/o display name
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed possible refresh issue
  • Fixed German localization issue

Version 10.6.8:

New features:
  • Browser context menu item to copy labels from JPEGs to associated PhotoRAWs
  • Hqx upscaling of pixel art
Updated features:
  • Localization
  • Browser context menu: combine options
  • Sorting of edges and frames
  • Sorting of stored actions in the browser popup
  • Prefs browser/thumbnails path display option
  • Additional crop method after rotation
  • Windows icon export uses now PNG compression for 256×256 icon
  • Windows icon import with optional template view
  • LibRAW
  • Moved setting of default color profile from the edit menu to the prefs part open(color profiles)
  • Optimized Exif parsing of HEICs and JPEGs in the browser
  • Added calibrate 1 pixel to the calibrate popup
  • Option to change predefined light and dark browser colors
  • Improved structure of effect menu
  • Improved set Exif date dialog
Bug fixes:
  • Display glitch of comment area of the information palette in dark mode
  • Display glitch of the edit field of the edit faces dialog in dark mode
  • Possible wrong rotated RAF previews in the browser
  • Fixed bug during import of packbits compressed TIFFs with more than 2GB file size
  • Fixed issue with setting file creation/modification date to exif date on Synology NAS drives
  • Fixed issue with rename with index during a batch action

Version 10.6.8:

New features
  • Browser: Digital Lightroom mode when using light mode in Mojave (preferences: Browser)
  • Image: menu commands to change rating/label
  • Browser context menu: merge two movie clips
  • Browser action: apply LUT
Updated features:
  • Localizations updated
  • Document context menu: added Save As and Save Copy As
  • Updated dynaPDF
  • Updated ExifTool
  • Browser: added optional pictogram date prefix
  • Browser: option for disabling undo


GraphicConverter Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的图片编辑浏览工具 GraphicConverter Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的图片编辑浏览工具 GraphicConverter Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的图片编辑浏览工具 GraphicConverter Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的图片编辑浏览工具 GraphicConverter Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的图片编辑浏览工具

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